Choices of Vehicle Cameras

Different mobile vehicle camera surveillance applications such as; school bus video camera, in-car video surveillance for taxi or police, transit bus video vehicle observation cameras may require a slightly different camera type with different attributes. Having stated this obvious point, it should be noted that some are taking this to the extreme, and it might be wise to ask why they would need so many different camera choices?

Why some suppliers prefer to dazzle, baffle and bewilder potential customers with a plethora of odd shaped application-specific  choices of cameras, is beyond me. Perhaps the wide selection of camera choices takes the customer focus off the fact their district is about to be taken advantage of by some high pressure commission sales rep more interested in a fat monthly bonus than the customers ability to recycle the cameras in other application in the future if necessary.

Propriety Camera Connectors

American school districts have been getting ripped off for years now with this "propriety cameras" scam from both foreign and domestic manufacturers who will remain unnamed. It is time to send a clear message that American school districts have had enough of this raw deal and start exercising our freedom of choice by choosing to spec a system we will not be forced to pay up to 4 times more for a additional or replacement camera  from some predatory manufacturer.
By only accepting a non-propriety informal industry standard camera system, your district will never be tied to any product manufacturer for future camera replacements.    

Informal industry standard cameras incorporate BNC Video connectors, RCA Audio connectors and 2.1 mm DC power connectors. 

The Environment

"Waste not" is a principal tried and proven for conservation of all things worth having, so the sheer volume of discarded and useless cameras I often find at customer locations is not only a example of wasted value and loss of capital for the customer, but an unnecessary example of waste brought on by over specialization of the cameras. This type of product waste is environmentally damaging and in most cases the reason they are discarding the cameras is they have such specific applications parameters they are simply trashed when that specific application is no longer required because they are not suitable for general use or utility.

Some examples might help to illustrate my point:
One of the largest distributors of CCTV surveillance systems has no less than 56 different cameras to cover many different specific applications, including bullet cameras, pin hole cameras, wedge cameras, box, dome, turret, mini, some with built in audio, some with IR LEDs, some variable lens, some fixed, almost half of them with remote Pan Tilt Zoom features, some are even explosion proof!

Conservation Through Foresight

From a pragmaticv and environmental viewpoint it makes m ore sence to offer a small number of camera choices that are well suited to a large number of applications. In this way the custoemr is not financing the manufacturers attempt to overcome their low self esteem  about their much higher product pricing.

24 years of selling and servicing the mobile digital recording industries, and in the last 10 years all vehicle camera surveillance customers were satisfied with one of 2 different camera models. Our customers do not suffer the same application specific camera problems when they try to move them from one vehicle to another as they are well suited for general vehicle camera surveillance and the primary difference between them related to the mounting requirements.

The only noticeable change we have made in the last decade to our cameras was changing the 6 or 8mm camera for front of school bus camera applications to a much wider angle 3.6 mm lens for greatly enhanced Field of View, as now more than 1 camera is being installed with 2-3 cameras the norm for a school bus sized vehicle.
Past customers have moved their general purpose camera from bus to bus as they retire older buses, moved them into service trucks, some moved as shop video surveillance, and several customers now monitor their fuel island pumps with 15 year old cameras sold to them more than a decade ago, after they retired the bus they were originally purchased for.

PD Camera

Named as such due to widespread application in police cars for recording of interior car activities.
Very hi-resolution 600 TVL  from the 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, with a very wide angle 2.5 mm lens that provides an exceptional wide Field of view. The built in audi is very clear and the light sensor automatically switches the camera from color in normal ambient light to Night Vision via IR LEDS in low light environments. The heavy duty metal shell provides a much longer service life than the cheap plastic camera cases polluting the market.

BTC or Black Turret Camera

This camera is generically a dome camera with widespread application in school buses for recording of interior bus activities while protecting the camera with a metal vandal resistant shell. Vandal resistant qualities include built in microphone, metal shell or casing,  metal shoulder and metal base for a very durable camera. Steel adjustment set screws provided making it rock solid when locked down and much less likely to be bumped out of adjustment during hostile assaults by children or in some cases prisoners as we have offered this camera to several prisoner transport services with zero complaints or damage to date.
Very hi-resolution 600 TVL  from the 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, with a choice of 2 lenses for different applications in a vehicle: very wide angle 2.5 mm for rear of school bus or stairwell / driver camera offering an exceptional Field of View and 3.6mm for all other applications in a large vehicle like school bus front camera, school bus middle camera, transit bus or train.

Built in audio recording, with customer adjustable gain on audio amplifier,   light sensor automatically switches the camera from color in normal ambient light to Night Vision via IR LEDS in low light environments.

Mini Camera for small vehicle applications

MC or Mini Camera

Due to constant requests for Lower Cost systems for Taxi and non-vandal applications we have now located a very small and lower cost camera solution that will help reduce the cost of the mobile video system for those who do not require the armored turret vandal resistant cameras provided on our standard mobile video systems. These Mini Cameras (MC) are non vandal resistant cameras for those willing to sacrifice resolution and audio clarity for lower cost.

Those who require or expect hi-resolution clear video with good audio Vandal camera should not be purchasing this version.

Side View Verticle camera

ExCAM Exterior  Side & Rear Turret  Camera

ExCAM is a weather proof IP67 rated vandal resistant‚ auto activating, infrared camera that can easily adjust to point in almost any direction‚ without need to disassemble the camera housing or worry about back reflection from the IR illuminators. It is the size and shape of a very small dome camera‚ but its versatile “turret” style system allows for faster installs and easier adjustments.

ExCAM permits quick adaptation for Side vehicle camera with horizon leveling for proper image view, or conventional horizontal image for proper video playback from Side View camera applications.